Tiny Story Society Waitlist by Marie Masse

Tiny Story Society Waitlist

What if I had a magic wand to make THIS your reality:

✓ No matter how much life and business is on your plate, you FEEL AWAKE for it all—savoring the tiny stories that define: meaningful along the way.

✓ You have a light, cathartic practice to unearth & repurpose your stories—making your VIP's feel seen and also converts strangers into your biz fam for the long-game.

✓ You even have a tangible space to THINK and find and plot and plan and track allllll those tiny stories!

✓ Cultivating meaningfulness & belonging for your loved ones used to feel like, "Yeah flipping right—like I ever have time for that! One day...," but now you have a sustainable practice that gives you fulfillment & energy without adding more to your full plate.

The Good News:

You don't need my wand. You've got your own.

The Great News: Your wand is simple. It's about spending the next season turning inward—little by little seeing proof that your tiny stories ARE your own, unique superpower. 

My stories have brought me (and my clients) an abundance of connection, meaningfulness, awareness, faithful audience members for my brand, and more. 

And, you don’t have to do it alone. I've created the Tiny Story Society for personal brand vibe entrepreneurs (think photographers, coaches, designers, etc.) who feel like they're constantly riding the wave of status quo, drained by operating in "Survival Mode" and want a supportive guide + community to help them dig into their stories and use them to get the results they're looking for (like feeling awake in life or calling in the ultimate "right" clients) faster.

What's included?

  • 52 Weeks of light, meaningful activities (think 30-60 minutes each week)
  • Monthly Slow Down Sessions
  • The Story Well—space to share and read stories in community
  • The Playbook—yes, a physical book sent to your home—182 pages to do great things with your stories
  • The Intention Reset videos—a 60 minute series that teaches the DGS 5-Part Practice
  • and more!
It's time to live awake, on purpose, and attract your dreamiest clients while you're at it! 

So if you’re ready to... 

✓ wind down each day feeling whole & fulfilled, trusting that your to-do list will all get done in good time

✓ see your tiny story collection produce meaningfulness, belonging, and long-lasting members in your brand audience (and clients!)

✓ gain lasting momentum and OWNING a best life "brand" that fits *you* (no more "survival mode) that makes your actual brand feel like a natural extension of y-o-u

Join us!

Hi, I'm Marie!

Founder of Fearless and Framed® and
Dangerously Good Stories™

I'm love helping people unearth & repurpose their stories for their life & for their brand—simultaneously. Stick around for all things stories & living with less noise, more noticing ✨
Think this is for you, but still have a Q? Connect with me personally to see if this program is a match by sending your Q directly to me via the chat popup (bottom right on screen) or email: marie@dangerouslygoodstories.com