The Tiny Story Society by Marie Masse
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Calling all ambitious, family-centric Creatives who are TIRED of all the noise...

I see you at the end of the every month. You take inventory: what got done, what needs to move over to next month's to-do list... It's the same story month after month. Do the work. Reset the to-do list. Repeat. When did life became a series of to-do lists?

Add in the NOISE and we've got a recipe for what I call: SURVIVAL MODE. It causes you to dismiss (or completely miss) the tiny stories right under your nose... the ones that define: meaningful.

Tapping into your stories is the antidote to the noise. The problem is, people like us go all-in on the projects we pursue—in life & business—with tenacity and big heart. We set goals, get to work, but THE NOISE causes us to glaze over our lives in pursuit of our goals.

So, I created a 5-part practice for us to be awake, while ambitious... TO SAVOR + respond to the wonderful stories of our lives WHILE we rock that ambition of ours. Ready to do 2020 with less noise and more noticing?

Meet the Tiny Story Society...

Life isn't a series of to-do lists or measured by productivity. This is a call to live AWAKE in 2020.

The Tiny Story Society is THE place to slow down & look up from your busy life... without sacrificing your ambition. 

How? We'll slow down and pay attention to the tiny stories of your life through invigorating, weekly activities. Think of this as personal story management in just 15-30 minutes a week following the 5-part Dangerously Good Stories Practice.

The total value of The Tiny Story Society is over $3,500. This will only open one time per year and next year, pricing goes up. 

WHY? Because the best time to start using your stories isn’t down the road, when you think you’ll have more time… or when life may be more convenient.

The best time is now.

That’s why I'm opening the Tiny Story Society early.

A whole year early, in fact.

The official launch is set for December 2020. This means you'll be a part of the Founder's Circle which comes with a steep discount. Next year, this will cost $997 to get in for 2021. This year, you're in for $497.

I've already built the 5-part Dangerously Good Stories Practice we'll use throughout the year. It's ready to go with fab feedback over the past 2 years. The year of meaningful activities + monthly slow down sessions are mapped out. 

So why wait when we can start your year off with a new plan?!

Savor your stories in 2020—Join today at beta pricing. Next year, the TSS will be $997:

$45 USD

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$497 USD

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The 2020 Tiny Story Society includes:

A FULL YEAR waking up to our stories with...

THINK: Journaling, letter-writing, documenting, sparking conversations, asking questions, introspection, blindsiding loved ones with love, & even telling stories in your business.

We'll intentionally slow down to look at the overlooked areas... all the things NOT typically on our to-do list. Think: meaningful people, places and the stories that shaped you.

This is US. Our cozy little nook on the 'net for us ambitious, family-centric Creative Bosses who deeply care about living awhile while crushing goals.

A guided reset to do alongside planning your big life and business goals + dreams. This is the work we tend to push off until "later." We'll look potential fleeting stories and decide if / how to respond.

A private, member-based space to share & stories your stories all in one place. See stories that shaped other people that just might spark an overlooked story in your life.

The Playbook will help you bring stories to the surface and act as a container to hold 'em for later. You'll use the Playbook to plan + plot how to use your dangerously good stories right in one place.

Plus, Bonuses!

Bonus #1:

This workshop is part of one of my most-raved about teachings in my marketing program. Consider this workshop a reset on your time. 
Value: $199 (FEBRUARY 2020)

Bonus #2:

Everyone teaches how to have a big, overarching brand story. This teaches you to uncover + use TINY stories that make your brand human & relatable on a day-to-day basis.  Value: $199 (SEPTEMBER 2020)


$45 USD

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(scroll up to see all included)

Curious about what kind of activities we'll work on each week? January's theme is Observation. Here's a preview:

WEEK THREE: Map your story timeline. You'll map our the stories that changed you—big and small. You'll uproot A TON of stories for your Tiny Story List—all candidates to play with in 2020 .

WEEK FOUR: Start your Tiny Story List. This is the prize of the whole program! My mission is for each participant to have an overflowing Tiny Story List by the end of 2020.... You'll pull from this list when creating *new* stories, crafting surprises, for sharing in your business and most of all: for looking at on the days then you feel down about your progress. With this list, you'll feel nothing short of fulfilled with your life. Yes, I mean that with all sincerity.  

WEEK ONE: Create your sparkbook. We begin with deep dive into self-awareness. Why? You notice what you're aware of. You'll make a pretty collection (using a template) of all the things you LOVE. When you see your sparkbook from a bird's-eye view, the noise of your life is suddenly quieted when you have a literal menu of GOODNESS that exists already.

WEEK TWO: Create your VIP list. It's hard to just remember to show up for our loved ones and make them feel seen when our world is noisy. So, inspired by Eugene O'Kelly, we'll make a VIP list we can return for crafting perfect moments with them. 

With the Tiny Story Society, you will step into living WIDE AWAKE + RESPONSIVE for what matters...

... without going to Bali

... without absorbing another self-help book that claims you just need to be present / practice gratitude / and remove things from your to-do list

... and without giving up WHAT YOU LOVE to spend your time on too! 

By the end of 2020, you will have a full collection of tiny stories for yourself.

I'm not talking about writing a freakin' memoir. I'm talking about an exclusive list to the tiny stories of your life. You will create a personal STORY WELL to draw from anytime you need it.

I return to my list often—to reflect, to check-in with what matters, to tend to the relationships that matter, and even to pull out as content for my business. No matter how dizzy my brain is (I'm human after all), my Tiny Story List brings me right back to feeling on top of the world!

Having a bird's-eye view of the life you've *already* lived is grounding + fulfilling. As a busy, ambitious Creative Boss, I *need this.* Otherwise, I could easily spend life operating in "not enough"ness. Eff that.

Also by the end of 2020 (starting in January!) you will experience intentional serendipity + fulfillment.

Serendipity: the act of finding something valuable and delightful when you are not looking for it. The dictionary serendipity as good fortune or luck. I say we can create our own serendipity intentionally. Our problem is that we BLOCK IT when we obsess over our to-do lists and all the noise in our heads.

When you experience tiny story serendipity, you will create opportunities to respond in dangerously good ways...

  • To savor a moment otherwise overlooked or dismissed. 
  • To record it into a tangible memory. 
  • To blindside your loved ones with being seen, belonging and gratitude. 
As you wrap up your year, consider 2019... Can you remember when serendipity washed over you and you responded well? Can you remember the moments you savored? The moments you HAD to record? Who you showered with gratitude and depth?

If you're anything like me, you're drawing a total BLANK. My memories typically went right to my business memories... what I accomplished and created. This always left me feeling a void for my LIFE. I mean, I could think of the big things, but not all the little things that define meaningful. Sound familiar?

We don't have to wait for the weddings + funerals to celebrate our stories! By the end of 2020, memories of how you used your dangerously good stories for good will be as vibrant as all the goals you crushed in your business. HELLO.... THIS is what you created your business for to begin with!


This is it. This is the fork in the road. This is your chance to push the pause button on Survival Mode and to finally savor your own tiny stories that define the word: MEANINGFUL.



(scroll up to see all included)


(scroll up to see all included)

60-Day Guarantee:

Experience a dramatic increase in your level of awareness for your stories or your money back.

Ok, ok, I know what you're thinking...

"But Marie, my plate is SO FULL. I don't need another thing on my plate."

I hear you. Here's the thing: fifteen minutes. You can make 15 minutes in your week. Sure, some weeks may require more time, but can you start with just 15 minutes? I think you can. 

It's not a question of "Do I have enough time?" The real question is "is overcoming my to-do list and living awake worth making time for?"

Focus on fixing the noise and you'll find more noise to fix. Focus on what you want to notice more of and the noise tends to take care of itself. The point of the Tiny Story Society is to help you *replace* some of the stuff on your plate with more meaning, purpose and fulfillment. You decide what's on your plate.

"I don't see what my stories have to do with my to-do list or the noise in my head."

Give me 6 weeks. In 6 weeks of doing the work, you'll see how some of your tiny stories are dangerously good stories. You'll see how leaning into them will shake up your to-do list and drown out the noise in your head. 

"Will this help my business?"

This is not a marketing or sales program. If you need that, this is not for you. This IS for you if you're a personal brand. This IS for you if you've got the brand content down... you know how to teach and inspire and even entertain your audience... but you fall short in showing up as YOU. You want to create a richer relationship with your audience, because you know that people do business with people. You want to show up like a person, not a "business."  The tiny stories you uncover and uproot are EXCEPTIONAL pieces of content that may tie back to your brand message or, at the least, be little lessons and insights that can benefit them while seeing YOU as a person. 

The Tiny Story Society

Enrollment is closed
COMMON SENSE DISCLAIMER: For best results, think of the TSS as you would a high level mastermind: undertake it seriously and studiously, and you may see incredible results in how your stories enrich your life + business. However, no specific results are promised or guaranteed. We've made every effort to represent accurately the Tiny Story Society, its value and potential for participants. However, we and our materials make no guarantee of results. Where a testimonial suggests or states results of any kind, you should not expect the same results unless your life, business, efforts and resources are exactly as the testimonial-giver.