The Life-Brand Method™ by Marie Masse

Instead of dragging yourself out of bed to the sound of a nagging alarm or with a scowl at your to-do list…

What if you woke up everyday like: “😳 PINCH. ME. ... Is this really my life? What do I GET to do today?! ✨Ahh YES!! It's gonna be a great day!!” 🎉

You're so fueled by unquestionable purpose that it's hard to even shove down breakfast. You're on a lasting high of fulfillment. You're resilient to the challenges.

That's called "thriving," friend.

How could a mental shift like that affect your life (and the people in it)?

Craft a “Life-Brand” that helps you REVEL in the life you wake up to, no matter what’s going on in your world 🌎, in just 21 days.

I'll show you how.

With these comprehensive (yet light) activities to develop your “Life-Brand” in just 3 weeks, life feels like a fun game, rather than something to survive & endure.

I mean, think about it... 

“She’s living her best life! 🤣” — it's become quite the cutesy pun, hasn’t it?

In reality, defining (and continuing to redefine) “what’s your best life?” for YOU is vital to actually living it out.

Your personal definition for "best life" is what I call your "Life-Brand."
Creating your Life-Brand now is an overdue jumpstart to THRIVE, not just survive. Think of it like a 21-day cleanse for your mind 🌴 that yields a shiny, new north star for your daily actions + decisions. 

REAL TALK... If you’re really honest with yourself...

Are you living on Survival Mode more than ON PURPOSE?

✅  You wake up like, "Another day. Yay." It's another day to get through before your partner gets home, before the weekend, before your next vacation, etc....

✅  You look around with undeniable gratitude for the life you’ve created… and also there’s this whisper that says, “It’s not supposed to be this way."

✅  You’ve been go-getter and a doer in all your pursuits for so long, that you’re not sure “what’s enough?” anymore? You just know the motions of "get there" mode so well that you keep going (a bit directionless).

✅ Do the questions: "How do I want to feel about life?", "What do I want?", or "What do I do for fun?" cause for a blank mind? All you come up with are superficial responses that feel like the "right thing" to say? Hint: You deserve meaningful, purpose-driven responses.

✅ You're over there like, "FOR THE LOVE GIVE ME SOME CONTROL BACK IN MY LIFE" as you feel like you're the ball in a living ping-pong game?!

If 3 out of 5 of the things resonate, you need a reset....

That's exactly why The Life-Brand Method was created!

In The Life-Brand Method, you will craft your own "Life-Brand" in 3 weeks.

In 21 days of light, thought-provoking emails from me, you will:

🌟 (Re)define your Life-Brand through honest questions that get to heart of, “What does it mean to live your best life?” for you.

🌟 Start the next season off with that, "Wooo! Let's get this day started! 🎉" purpose-fueled GUSTO!

🌟 Finish the puzzle of how to LIVE out your Life-Brand when the real world tries to derail you, so that living out your highest values is #COVERED with ease.

I want you to feel like you’re living NOW (thriving!), not working now to live later (surviving).

I want you to live awake and savor your life, not sleepwalk or scroll through your life.  

I want you to live in the satisfaction of fulfillment, not in the longing for “someday.” 

The Life-Brand Method™ was created to handle all of that for you.


Jumpstart your thriving heart in 3 weeks with The Life-Brand Method

That's right... just 21 days.

Make life feel like a game and actually live out your highest values, not just an endless to-do list for survival.

Imagine having real confidence that you’re doing life RIGHT (right for YOU, that is). 

All you can think about is, “DAMN, I’M LIVING A GOOD LIFE!” to where you feel like you’ve got something other people haven’t figured out yet. It feels like the lights have been turned on for you. 

This can be a reality. Your reality. It's only a matter of deciding to live a good story and taking pause to redefine what that means.

Even better—it can happen quickly with The Life-Brand Method.

Craft your Life-Brand with 21 days of guidance for $27


Hi, new friend :)

I’m Marie Masse (pronounced Moss), Founder of Dangerously Good Stories and Fearless and Framed®.

I live on a small mountain in the Blue Ridge Mountains (South Carolina) that we lovingly call, “Masse Mountain.” I wake up everyday in a literal vacation destination and practically have to pinch myself, “I really live here?!” 

“Masse Mountain” is what I call my own Life-Brand. Every decision I make is ran through this “Masse Mountain” filter. It’s influenced how I show up in the world. It’s influenced where we live, the education style we chose for our kids, the way we partner and love in our marriage, the way I continue to learn and grow, and so much more. 

Five years ago, our lives did NOT look like this.

It wasn’t in turmoil; it was just different... It was built differently—it was built with a different foundation of intention.

Back then, our family lived in what I thought was my dream “forever home” in Michigan and we were all healthy, financially safe, etc. Therefore, we could check all the boxes that screamed: "Life is GOOD!"

You know what? Life really was good back then… 

...and also not so much.

Some of the gratitude for my life was “guilt appreciation.” Meaning, I believed I “should” appreciate this or that, so I decided I did on the surface. Inside, there was always this whisper of: "It’s not supposed to be like this.” And also, “Well, that’s life. Learn to love it. Grow where you're planted.” 

The Life-Brand Method helped me unlearn what I thought was intentional living and to create an even more meaningful life.

We literally wiped the slate clean, decided how we want to live our lives, and... we lived better. Now, we’re here on our beloved “Masse Mountain.” 

The process I used is exactly what you will do in The Life-Brand Method.

Inside The Life-Brand Method:

I’m going back to the beginnings of my own life shift. 

I’m sharing with you the questions, the mindset reframes, and the strategies I’ve never shared in any of my programs.

And I’m sharing this stuff right now, because I can no longer watch you simply getting by and surviving or tuning out your unrealized dreams for anymore sleepwalking or scrolling. 

I want you to live. Really LIVE. 

On your terms. 

And you 100% can when you pivot with The Life-Brand Method.
$27 - Grab the Life-Brand Method today

What you’ll learn inside The Life-Brand Method:

How to (re)define your version of “living your best life.”

By answering daily thought-prompts, you'll develop your very own Life-Brand and create protection from sleepwalking through life.

How to show up living out the values of your Life-Brand.

Make decision making + time management 1000x easier when you have a custom filter to run what's on the table through. 

How to assess the noise of your life.

You'll fine-tune your "BS Meter." When noise inevitably creeps in, you'll better suss out the BS from what actually needs your attention, so that your Life-Brand values are kept front of mind.

🌟 THE BEST PART: You will start next season off with that, "Wooo! Let's get this day started! 🎉" purpose-fueled GUSTO!

Did I mention that you'll have your finalized, (but ever-evolving) Life-Brand in just 3 weeks?!

Yep. This process is fast.

Easy to squeeeeeze in when you’re busy? Yep.

A lifelong process you’ll return to again & again for a check-in? YUP.

And a proven process to make it happen in under a month? YAAAASSS!

I’ve laid The Life-Brand Method out, so that you have a thought-provoking prompt or easy-to-complete assignment each day...

...for 21 fun-filled, refreshing days in a row. 

Even if you only have an hour before the kids wake up or after they’re asleep…

Or tiny time blocks in the middle of your work day…

(Or all of the above)

You can craft your Life-Brand and start thriving with it. FAST. 

In fact, I highly encourage you to do this WITH your partner… and even get your kids’ take on this stuff. 

What you get with The Life-Brand Method:

A comprehensive set of 21 activities (Think: question prompts, journaling) delivered daily via email.

Remember that childhood M.A.S.H. game? Yeah, you're gonna play that with your Life-Brand as a ridiculously fun "gut check!"

You'll get all 21 activities AND a list of Marie's favorite tools, books, & resources for maintaining your Life-Brand packaged into a keepsake PDF.

The Complete Freebie Vault - a curated collection of more activities that go hand-in-hand with The Life-Brand Method

“Holy cow, that’s a ton of stuff for just… $27? For real?!”

YES. The Life-Brand Method is worth a dozen times what I’m charging. 

After all, it’ll bring a world of fulfillment and meaning into your world—in the short-term and long-term. That value is PRICELESS.

My mission was to make this an easy YES! price for you, whoever you are, wherever you are in your journey, because I know busy, well-intended people just like you need this reset NOW.

I don’t want you to figure out your Life-Brand when you “magically” find time one day… I want you to have this as your personal roadmap TODAY.

BUT my goal here was to make this a no-brainer price for you, whoever you are, wherever you are, because I know business owners need this strategy NOW.

So I’ve priced it so you can grab it and go with ZERO buyer’s remorse!

Who is The Life-Brand Method for?

Frankly, I believe this is for everyone.

Since I know you're wondering, "Can this really help ME and MY situation?" I'll tell you who will most benefit from The Life-Brand Method.

This is for anyone feeling a restless, directionless, or shaken by recent events (Hello, COVID, suddenly homeschooling, job changes, goals disrupted, etc.) and needs a reset. You need to recast that vision for your life in a way that brings hope for tomorrow and joy in today.

The Life-Brand Method is especially for those who appreciate their life.... and also carry the weight of longing for a change, meaning, and fulfillment. It's totally normal to feel both. The Life-Brand will help you fill that void by looking at it face-on. It's not as scary as it sounds.

Crafting your Life-Brand is a powerful way to reconnect to the story you want to live out, while taking ownership & pride in the story that's brought you to where you're at now.

This is not about creating a set of goals and addressing all you need to fix and improve. This is about returning to the fact and mindset of, "Yes, I'm doing alright just where I am," and really believing in that. That's fulfillment. 

You've come so far already. The Life-Brand Method will show you.

Are you a business-owner?

The Life-Brand Method wasn't created *for* business owners, but it WILL help your business if you have a personal brand.


🌟 1. Your Life-Brand makes forming relationships easier. Your communication feels refreshing and real — no more *trying* to “be relatable” through your superficial love for yoga pants, chocolate chip cookies, or coffee. 🙄

In fact, you won't even feel like you're "trying" to market your brand, because...

Establishing your Life-Brand makes marketing feel like natural extension of YOU.

2. You will inadvertently create brand content JUST by answering the daily prompts.

*Everything* you create in this program will make for a conversation starter in your personal brand that "sells" potential clients on YOU.

In the spirit of that same, fun process that transformed your business into a brand (remember the fun questionnaires, the mood boards, etc.), let’s create your “Life-Brand!” (without the high-end price ticket of biz branding! 🤣)

Sound like just the thing you've been waiting for? Start today.



What if I’m *really* busy right now? I’ve got kids or I’m too busy with my job or business. I’ve barely got time to THINK, let alone add something to my full plate.

Great. You need this the most!

Yes, this is designed to get you to the finish line quickly—21 days. That said, you can do this little by little and you’re getting the content for LIFE, which makes grabbing your copy of The Life-Brand Method a no-brainer before the pricing increases or enrollment closes. You’ve got this! 

How much time will I need to spend on this each day?

About 30-60 minutes for the next 21 days. 

I’ve seen other programs with a branding element that help students create full marketing strategy. Will this help me do that?

Marketing is has 3 core elements: your perspective, your potential dreamies’ perspective, and timing. 

As you may have seen or experienced, most marketing programs focus on understanding your client avatar (what they want & need) and putting a content plan together & on a calendar. On the other side, new marketing students get caught up in “what’s working?” and continue to dive deeper into “best practices.” This comes at the fare of YOUR unique perspective and stories. So, the short answer is: No. You will not create a full marketing strategy in this program. 

In The Life-Brand Method, you’re turning inward for the next 21 days, so that you can show up more like YOU in your marketing. 

I’m not in business, Is this still for me?

YES. The Life-Brand Method is designed to be a revival of your personal insights, so that you live out your highest values. 

Is this risk free? Meaning, what if I don’t like it, can I get a refund?

Due to the digital nature and wildly low pricing, no refunds will be given for any reason. 

When does this start? When do I get access to everything included?

It starts as soon as you join! This is a self-paced, instant access program, so all you have to do is sign up and you’ll get everything delivered straight to your inbox. The 21 day framework will be delivered daily over the next 21 days. 

So you can start today! Or start a folder to save the emails in and start tomorrow! Or next month! Or next year! (Though to see real change, start real soon 😉)

Can you remind me of what I’m getting when I enroll today?

When you enroll during this promotional period, you’ll get: 

21 days of X

Whatever else

How do I join The Life-Brand Method?

Great question! Click here to join The Life-Brand Method today.

This framework is about 5 years in the making… 

…but it’ll only take you about 5 seconds to get your copy & start your revival today!

There's literally nothing to lose.

This isn't a teaser. This is the whole package to develop your life-brand. Whether you get the LBM or not, the sun will rise tomorrow. The question is, will it be just another day? Or will it be the beginning of an in-depth look at your inside story that just might change your life? It's up to you ;) 

Here’s how this works:

Step 1: Grab your copy of The Life-Brand Method
Step 2: Check your inbox for your login info so you can jump in and get started today! 
Step 3: Follow the 21-day framework to create your Life-Brand fast.
Step 4: Stop cycling through your to-do list and start using your Life-Brand as your day-to-day north star.

The Life-Brand Method™

How to come up with your “Life-Brand” in 3 weeks, so that you spend your life THRIVING, not just surviving.