⏰ Manage Your Time Like a Boss by Marie Masse

⏰ Manage Your Time Like a Boss

Most people teach "plan your business" or "plan your goals" like they're separate. This is BOTH. This covers planning your business growth + revenue calendar AND explores what you want out of life—all-in-one. Consider this a total reset on your time & energy paired with intentional profitability.

Manage Your Time Like a Boss is a recorded, virtual retreat. Book a day on your calendar to dive in, do the work, and never 1) put what you "wanna" do on the shelf (for later) or 2) let your biz revenue slip through the cracks again.

What's included?

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Manage Your Time Like a Boss Video
(3h 26m 41s)
Manage Your Time Like a Boss SLIDE DECK
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Michael Hyatt's Drifting Story
01. Reflection Hour
Life Intentions worksheets
35.8 KB
Free Future Me Meditation
02. What Does Finished Look Like?
Project or Area? P.A.R.A. Method by Tiago Forte
04. Top Focus Goals
Marie's 2020 Goals Example
3.95 MB
05. Make a Master Calendar
Google Sheets Master Calendar Template COPY
Marie's Example Master Calendar
55.7 KB
Master Schedule Blank PDF
74.5 KB
Master Schedule Excel Template
26.4 KB
06. Promotions for the Year
2020 Calendar
88.7 KB
2021 Calendar
88.7 KB
07. Quarterly / Top of Month Plan
Marie's 3 Month Plan Example
23.6 KB
08. Weekly Check in
Example of Marie's Weekly Brain Stream
3.26 MB
09. The Daily Checklist
Example of Marie's Daily "Planner" Spread
2.99 MB
💌 100 Things Worth Noticing - Email Example from Daily Notes
Manage Your Time Like a Boss Resources
51.4 KB
Weekly Plan
9.35 KB
Time Blocking Template
26 KB
Day-Crusher Printable
72.2 KB
Vision Development Worksheet
122 KB
Set a 30 Day Goal Now Video
13 mins
90 Day Goal Worksheets
177 KB
30 Day Goal Worksheet
227 KB
Revenue Goals Worksheet
20.1 KB
Income & Expenses Worksheets
334 KB
Marketing Schedule Template
37.6 KB
1 Year of Weekly Blogging Plan
88.2 KB
Social Media Calendar Template
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