Goodbye, Posing Guide: Get to the Heart of Documenting by Marie Masse

Goodbye, Posing Guide: Get to the Heart of Documenting

Achieve an unposed, documentary look in your photos. The secret is that it’s not a look… it’s truly about *seeing* emotive moments based on what drives you within. I'll teach you. Download the ebook and start today.

This 45 page ebook includes all of this + more:

  • Best kept secrets to get that deep, soulful stare from a child + genuine smiles and laughter
  • How to see photo opportunities in ANY scene with a documentary approach
  • How to shoot powerful photos without the fancy client wardrobe and posing
  • Explore light scenarios, composition & framing to add drama and set a mood
  • Go-to tools for fast and easy post-processing
  • and what I can only hope will be that {soft} kick in the rear push you need to train your mind to become aware of shot opportunities without a need for posing

This ebook is aimed at photographing kids, but you can utilize the teachings for any type of subject. Keep in mind, this is free. It was written in 2014, so some tools inside may be outdating. Have a question after reading? Send me an email! Happy to help.


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