Freesources for Storytelling Photographers by Marie Masse

Freesources for Storytelling Photographers

What's Included (Yep, alllll free!):

10 Helpful + Non-Sales Ways to Increase Client Demand
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10 Must-Ask Questions for New Inquiries
1.06 MB
Get Clients to Act Natural
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10 Marketing Emails Photographers Should Have
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The Client Journey Map
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Social to Website Navigation Path
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Marketing Makeover Bundle
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Marketing Pie Chart
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10 Emotionally Charged Questions to Build a Memorable Photography Session From Scratch
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Turn Vivid Mental Pictures into Tangible Memories
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Photography Belief System - What's Your History?
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Light Basics Cheat Sheet
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Composition for Storytelling Photographers
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001 - Gain Total Clarity on What Matters Most
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002 Why Intentional Documentary is a Movement Worth Paying Attention To
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003 Documentary School Portraits with Katie Jett Walls
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006 Family Connection + Photography with Justine Curran
28.2 MB
010 Shed Your Mask, Step Into Your Voice with Eboni Rivera
16.9 MB
015 Learning from Life + Through Doing with Seshu
33.6 MB
019 A Story on Photographs and Healing After Sudden Loss with Brittni Schroeder
5.25 MB
020 Staying Fueled Through Personal Projects with Stacey Ilyse
11.9 MB
025 Shooting + Sharing Your Truth with Angela Yarbrough
3.71 MB
030 - Cultivate Your Relationship with Photography with Ashley Manley
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035 Day-to-Day Can Be a Visually Loaded Feast Too with Paul Gero
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Day-Crusher Printable
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1 Year Weekly Blogging
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Productivity: Give the Middle Finger to Doing E-v-e-r-y-t-h-i-n-g (PLAYBOOK)
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Marie's Dream-Crusher Toolkit - 2018
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